Role - Front & Back End
Tech Stack - Ruby on Rails & Redux

Challenge: The deadline — deploy a fully functional backend and responsive front end 6 weeks. Bonus: getting the fixed logo to change colors based on content underneath.


Role - Lead Front End Development Magento & Lead Front End QA AEM
Tech Stack - Adobe Experience Manager & Magento

Challenge: Complex hybrid build integrating Adobe Experience Manager and Magento. Establish a Front end baseline so that syles were consistent between AEM and Magento, while wrestling with core CSS required for each environment


Role - Front & Backend Development
Tech Stack - Python

Challenge: Portfolio site for the Agency you work for. Up and running in under 6 weeks. Leveraged component libray that we grew with each sucessive Wagtail CMS website.

Arbor Investments

Role - Lead Front & Backend Development
Tech Stack - Python & React/Redux

Challenge: Fully authorable CMS leveraging Wagtails JSON API to integrate with React Components

Llumar My Car

Role - Lead Front & Backend Development
Tech Stack - Python

Challenge: Fully authorable CMS leveraging Wagtail's Streamfield block which allows admins to create layouts on the fly. Integrated Hotjar heatmaps and AB testing for post production site optimization

Original Uncle Dougies

Role - Lead Front & Backend Development Wagtail / Front End Magento
Tech Stack - Python & Magento

Challenge: Create an authorable portfolio site using the Wagtail CMS and Full Ecommerce shop using Magento.

Ideal Industires

Role - Front End AEM & MAGENTO
Tech Stack - AEM & Magento

Challenge: Provide Front End component architectue for AEM, and styles/javascript that are consistent across AEM and Magento enviroments

Sites under new managament:


ROLE - Front & Back End
Tech Stack - Ruby & Backbone

Challenge: Create fully responsive front end build a wordpress-esqe backend using ruby: Polymorphic models, Blog with WISIWIG, Search, Image Cropping.
Fusion Academy

ROLE - Front End
Tech Stack - Foundation & Wordpress

Challenge: Create fully responsive front end with customized UI behavior, google maps integration
Nathans Famous

Role - Front & Back End
Tech Stack - Ruby & Backbone

Challenge: Create fully responsive front end and Robust backend CMS, Geo Locater service, Custom Instagram Engine
Yalla Mediterainian

Role - Front & Back End
Tech Stack - Ruby

Challenge: Create fully responsive front end and Robust backend CMS that could accommodate different layouts for a constantly changing menu, google maps integration to add new locations.

Tech Stack

Front End Languages:

  • HTML5, CSS3, SASS & LESS- I consider proper naming and semantic HTML5 markup a craft, and take it seriously. I can write a whole component in HTML just by looking a psd, and later sculpt it with CSS.

    SASS is such a powerful and an effective way to promote maintainable and reusable code. I have a go-to SASS library of mix-ins and variables that I have accumulated over the years that significantly reduce setup up. I have only used LESS as it relates to theming the Magento framework, i prefer SASS.

  • Backbone, Node, React & Redux - Typically I have used Backbone to help organize content specific javascript. Node as a service to interface with APIs and third party data structures. React as a Front End templating engine. And Redux to handle the dispatching of event based states.

  • ES6 Javascript & JQuery - Lately been trying to write as vanilla JS as possible, using ES6 syntax and transpiling using babel. Often times I will try to see how long I can go without including JQuery. I am quite versed in JQuery but recently it has become problematic within new frontend systems and as such I have tried to use it sparingly or not at all.

Back End Languages:

  • Python/Django - I have built and deployed several Python apps, leveraging the Wagtail CMS. And have worked with our team to create a foundational architectue which packages vetted components, that significatly reduces start up time.

  • Ruby on Rails - This is my strongest backend programming language. I have built robust Content Management Systems using polymorphic models, Google Maps API integration, custom social media scrapers/engines.

  • PHP & Wordpress - I have worked on building robust backends in Wordpress which allowed client service teams to effortlessly manage content for monthly newsletters.

  • Servers & Databases - I have worked with Linux servers running some combination of Apache or Puma. Typically working with staging and production environments, and deploying code updates through CircleCI. More recently I have been exploring out the box solutions with either Docker Containers, or Amazons Elastic Beanstalk. My database of choice is MYSQL.

Chicago Based Web Development

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